Taken Sports Kick Shield

Art No: TS-605

Taken Sports

If you’re looking for Muay Thai training or kick pads that can endure sessions with the most ruthless workout 

partners, this curved and padded Thai pad will give you the perfect protection. Made to shield against push kicks,

swing kicks and knee strikes during training, this pad will keep you safe whilst sharpening your stance. A gel 

and foam lining dissipates shockwaves from every hit, a curved design encourages the best form, and an adjustable 

strap gives you a snug fit plus wrist protection during training. Sold as a single item and made with the 

strongest Maya Hide™ leather around.


Made with Maya Hide™ leather that can withstand the toughest workouts

GEL LINING combined with Foam for impact absorption and protection

Curved design to encourage proper form and to endure heavy blows

Moulded foam structure to cushion and disperse shock

Quick Hook-and-Loop closure for the perfect fit and easy application

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