Taken Sports Weight Lifting Gloves

Art No: TS-1010

Get maximum shock resistance in these advanced weight lifting gloves designed for pro lifters. The ultimate 

armour in the gym. Made to withstand physical impacts of astronomical force, your hands will be safeguarded 

behind a unique gel padding combined with shock-dispersing foam. So you can work out for longer and stack to 

the max without discomfort. Plus with an open thumb for movement, a moisture-wicking lining for dry hands, 

and a Hook-and-loop strap for wrist support, these professional bodybuilding gloves are versatile enough for 

cross training, general gym workouts or mixed martial arts training.


Full grain cowhide leather for gym gloves that last and last

gel Equilibrium Sheet Equilibrium Sheet padding to absorb shock and protect against pain or injury

Foam layer to cushion your hands against the toughest blows

Free thumb design and sweat control lining for versatile gym and MMA use

Quick Hook-and-loop adjustable strap for a snug fit and unbeatable wrist stability